Hmmm, good question.  A bit all over the place but there’s some structure in there somewhere.

It occurs to me that the internet is full of unfinished projects: great websites that have started well but, somehow, have run out of steam and haven’t been updated for three years and it’s entirely possible that this might become one of those.  However, if you don’t try you don’t get so I think it’s worth logging progress for anybody who has an interest in what I am doing.

The London Midland Region has taken the majority of my time to date.  Broken down in to four divisions, Central Lines, essentially the former L&Y network with the Settle & Carlisle grafted-on is 100% complete with all lines an signalboxes plotted.  After that, the other three are in varying states of completion and I shall post an update on that when I can.  Suffice to say that Midland Lines have large areas covered (not least the whole MML from St. Pancras to Manchester and Sheffield), while a lot of the fiddly branch lines around Nottingham are nowhere near complete.  Nowhere started, more like.  Meanwhile, Western Lines North and South are, again, in a state of partial completion although the entire WCML from Euston to Gretna Junction, including signalboxes, is complete.

The other regions are less well-served: a few lines in the north-east of Scotland and, curiously, the Charing Cross to Dover line because I fancied a change of scenery, but overall I have concentrated on the LMR.

The featured picture you see here shows the extent of my postings but if this has whetted your appetite, then you will do no better then to go here:, where an extremely enthusiastic team has done a remarkable job of plotting all the UK’s routes already.

So, I’m making progress and from now on shall keep you posted as to progress.  Honest.

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